Prenatool Anniversary Update, Coming Soon…


Prenatool Anniversary

We’re excited to be here 1 year on now and still have a demand for our, pardon the pun, baby app!

We’ve listened to your feedback and we’re excited to announce our new Anniversary Update coming to the App Stores soon.

Multiple Recordings

This Anniversary Update allows you to take multiple recordings. This allows you to keep lots of memories for your unborn. You can also simply remove any recordings you don’t like.

Kick Counter

Plus, we’re excited to introduce a Kick Counter to Prenatool. You can start your timer, and when you feel a kick, tap the button to record it. You can leave the app at any time and pop back at any time to record the kick. When you have finished your time, end the timer to record the number of kicks in that time period.

Future Updates

Stay tuned…

App under review

The Prenatool App is a simple tool to use on your mobile phone to engage with the senses of your unborn child.

The App is currently under review on the Apple App Store.

This website is also currently under construction and will be updated shortly.