Prenatool is a mobile phone app to help soon-to-be parents engage with the sense’s of their unborn child.

It all started as an idea by Richard Cooper to create an App to help pregnant ladies play “peek-a-boo” with a torch on their belly. No pregnant lady carries a torch with them, but almost every lady nowadays carries a mobile phone.

As the idea of using a torch on the belly is sometimes used by midwifes, we thought about other “tools” midwifes use, and they use a vibrator to sometimes help reposition the baby, and again, most ladies don’t carry around vibrators! But all mobile phones have a vibrate facility and every lady carries one of them.

Which just led to one more idea, what if the father is away from the mother and you’d like the baby to hear the father’s voice more often. Can you name one lady that carries a dictaphone around with them? But all phones have a mic and a speaker.

So, an App was developed to do these 3 things, a simple App, but conveniently all the features in one place. But what to call it! After months of thought. Prenatool was born, pardon the pun.



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